The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, announced at Google I/O last week, will be exclusive to the US at launch. A Google employee confirmed to CNET UK that Brits would only be able to look across the pond in envy. 

There's no specific reason the UK won't see the device in the near future, leaving those in the country to buy the Nexus 4 to fulfill their stock Android needs.

Customers in the US will be graced with the device when it lands on Google Play in June. For those unfamiliar with the Google Edition, it will carry the same specs and design as the Galaxy S4 released in April, but instead of TouchWiz will feature pure Android without any Samsung influence. 

The Google Edition won't be a cheap purchase, at $649 (about £430) when it goes on sale for T-Mobile and AT&T later this summer. 

Who knows, maybe the Google Edition of the Galaxy S4 will land in the UK someday, though.