Adding to its multi-tier strategy, Samsung is slated to release a mini version of its new Galaxy S4. The company is yet to provide official news on the matter, but that isn't stopping Weibo user PunkPanda from releasing a slew of pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for our smartphone-loving eyes. 

The pictures correlate well with what we've already heard from the Wall Street Journal; it will be similar to the smaller Galaxy S III that was released alongside the larger handset last year. The Galaxy S4 Mini is looking to be a 4.3-inch handset for those who prefer the smaller feeling in their hand. We're also hearing a dual-core 1.6Ghz processor and an 8MP camera will be on deck - other specs have yet to be provided. 

Samsung is said to be releasing the mini Galaxy S4 in July, alongside new tablets in the Galaxy-line and a "ruggedised" version of the Galaxy S4. In the meantime, we'll keep a look out for more details.