Samsung has successfully developed the beginnings of its 5G network technology, slated eventually to outpace the 4G networks we've come to know in recent years. According to Yonhap News Agency, Samsung has publicly stated that it wants to make 5G available to the masses by the year 2020. 

Others have already given 5G testing, but Samsung seems to be making some serious progress in this space. The mobile phone giant is said to have reached speeds of 1Gbps in testing, with the overall potential of 10Gbps as the technology advances. To compare, the Google Fiber Internet service everyone has been drooling about is 1Gbps. Could you imagine that streaming through your phone? 

The faster data speeds would become most notable when making downloads, allowing you to download movies, apps, and other forms of media in the blink of an eye. Currently, the 4G network that has become a wide standard across the US and has begun rolling out to the UK sits at roughly 75 megabits per second. 

Of course, it will be up to more companies than just Samsung. Luckily, China and the European Union have begun injecting money for research, which will eventually lead to a wide rollout down the road.