Samsung is out with yet another television advertisement poking fun at Apple's iPhone 5, calling its features outdated compared to the Galaxy S4. "Some smartphones are smarter than other smart phones?" one not-so-hip (or at least Samsung wants us to think) mom asked when holding her iPhone.

The advertisement takes place at a summer pool party and includes people whipping around their Galaxy S4s.

In typical Samsung fashion, the advertisement goes over some of the more distinctive features to the Galaxy line, including the Galaxy S4 working as a TV remote with its IR blaster, features that let you wave or tilt the handset to perform tasks, and NFC tech to share pictures by bumping Galaxy phones together. Even though we found functionality like Smart Stay a bit gimmicky in our review, Samsung doesn't mind pitching it as one of the reasons to leave the iPhone.  

When the iPhone 5 launched in September, Samsung released its first advertisement taking shots at Apple by making fun of people waiting in line for the iPhone 5. The story isn't much different this time around.

Did you notice how all the iPhone users were portrayed as older?