The US Department of Defense has approved Samsung's Knox-enabled products for use in government departments. The Knox security suite was supposed to debut with the Galaxy S4, but has subsequently been delayed until an undisclosed date.

Samsung Knox and BlackBerry are the only two pieces of tech currently approved for use by US  government departments. The Galaxy S4 will be one of the first non-BlackBerry made smartphones selected for use.

“We are very pleased to announce that the US Department of Defense has approved Samsung Knox-enabled devices for use in DoD networks," said JK Shin, president and CEO of IT and mobile communications at Samsung Electronics. "This approval enables other government agencies and regulated industries such as health care and financial services to adopt Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

This is a significant milestone for Samsung as we work to grow our relationships within government and large corporate enterprises.” 

Other Samsung smartphones and tablets are also planned with Knox included, so expect US government agents to have a decent choice of kit to play with when it comes to electronics. 

Samsung is also looking for certification from other government bodies, in an attempt to get the Galaxy S4 and Samsung Knox devices used in secure government networks.