The fine folk at iFixit have given the brand-spankin' new Galaxy S4 the teardown treatment, spilling its innards for all to see. Not surprisingly, Samsung has made the Galaxy S4 relatively easy to repair. Not much should stand in your way if you find any faulty areas, though it takes a little craftiness. 

Samsung's infamous plastic design has lead to a removable back, where a removable battery is housed. iFixit says: "This trend makes us oh so happy! Samsung is doing the right thing for their customers and the environment." It's a bit different from the battery designs HTC and Apple have taken that leave you stuck without being able to access the battery. 

Getting deeper into the device takes only removing 11 screws and a few clips securing the plastic midframe, which iFixit says is relatively easy. The only difficulty comes when it's time to fiddle with the screen. The display and front glass are fused, with a layer of optical adhesive in between, making for one, single assembly. 

Unlike the HTC One which was deemed almost impossible to repair, the Galaxy S4 has been given an 8 out of 10 by the experts at iFixit. You can check out iFixit's full teardown for all of the details.