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(Pocket-lint) - Pre-registrations for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are more than four times the number placed for Samsung's last flagship handset. 

Carphone Warehouse has broken all pre-registration figures for the phone. In the three days following its announcement, 446 per cent more pre-registrations have been taken by the retailer.

So the SGS4 is going to be popular. Given the successes of Samsung's previous phones, could this be the start of Apple levels of sales? It is entirely possible that the SGS4 will outsell the iPhone 5 with pre-registratoin figures like this.

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“The Galaxy SIII launch broke records last year and was always going to be a tough one to beat, but the S4 is already proving to be a more than capable step up in the series that will inspire many people to make the switch to Android from other operating systems," said Graham Stapleton, chief operating officer, Carphone Warehouse. "This device is the one to watch for 2013.” 

The phone is due to go on sale on 26 April, with pricing yet to be announced for the device. We imagine it will closely match the usual flagship costs, so free on £45 a month+ tariffs.

If you fancy registering your interest and joining the Galaxy S4 club, then you can do so at Carphone Warehouse's special SGS4 page

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.