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(Pocket-lint) - So you've bought the phone, but that's not enough, you need some accessories to keep you happy. Luckily, Samsung has thought of just about everything you might need to keep your shiny new handset safe.

This means a big selection of cases and covers, as well as the S Band, which is Samsung's attempt at taking on the Nike FuelBand. So which should you pick up? Read on to find out about all the Samsung Galaxy S4's accessories.

S Band

The S Band is a wearable accelerometer that can hook up to your Galaxy S4 and provide further data on all the exercise you're doing. Inside the S Band is a pedometer, which feeds the updated S Health app information.

The S Band will send to your phone details of steps taken, calories burnt and even sleep patterns, to provide more data on your activity and help with your fitness training.

The SGS4 has a built-in pedometer and can also track data, so the S Band is more an extension device, or handy if you don't have your mobile phone with you.

S Scale

Samsung's accessory line-up is starting to mirror that of Withings and Fitbit, both of which have their own wireless set of scales.

Pocket-lintsamsung galaxy s4 accessories round up image 26

This device is designed to provide the S Health app with precise data on how much you weigh, as part of  a diet or fitness regime.

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For those opposed to the Samsung offering, there is also the Fitbit Aria, which is essentially the same product.  

S View cover

This is a rather interesting twist on the conventional flip cover. It features a cut-out section which means you can peek at the important part of the display without moving it from its protective case.

You can also answer calls with the S View cover closed, because of the cut-out. It will be shipping in a range of colours, including black and white to match the look of the Galaxy S4. 


Okay, this one isn't available to buy yet, but it is penned-in for May this year, so is not too far away.

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The new Gamepad allows you control smartphone apps using a conventional controller without the touchscreen. It isn't anything new, but is one of the best in the hand. And a Samsung-branded offering could do rather well.

Wireless charging pad

It may have slipped slightly under the radar and we aren't sure why but the SGS4 can charge wirelessly. Naturally, you need some sort of pad for it to charge from, so Samsung is putting one out there.

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It all looks very nice, not unlike the conventional charge slabs you find from other companies and something you wouldn't be ashamed of on your bedside table.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.