Mobile phone accessory maker is claiming to have the scoop on what the SGS4 will look like, thanks to some cases it has commissioned based on details garnered from people in the know.

While a lot of this could be guesswork from the numerous leaks that have sprung up online over the past couple of weeks, the company has told Pocket-lint that it has "received information from a very reliable source on some bright and bold cases that will soon be released for the S4".

The cases themselves - which are unbranded and therefore might not be official - conform with rumours that the S4 will feature a curved body, as shown in Samsung's teaser photo, and feature a flash underneath the camera lens as seen in a recent leaked video.

Probably one to be taken with a pinch of salt rather than outright confirmation, but if they are true then at least we can expect the phone to have a colourful future ahead.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is set to be launched in New York on Thursday 14 March. Pocket-lint is on a plane as we type ready for the big reveal. Which colour would you opt for?