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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's Galaxy S IV could sport a camera to rival that of the just-announced HTC One. A major part of the Android 4.2 update was the inclusion of Photosphere, which lets you snap 360-degree shots.

Rumours are that Samsung is going to take advantage of the new tech in producing something called Samsung Orb with the Galaxy S IV. The new Samsung Orb tech will also embed itself into Facebook, in theory letting you share the big panoramic snaps.

At the moment Photosphere works with Google+, so Samsung's Facebook dealings would have panoramas covered on the other major social network. 

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Just how Samsung will tweak the tech remains to be seen, or if Samsung will be using Photosphere at all or developing its own proprietary tech.

Given the joys of the Ultrapixel and the HTC One's extremely qualified camera, we imagine these rumours of Samsung Orb are just part of the photo package the new phone will be shipping with.

Take things with a grain of salt though, as rumours for the Galaxy S IV right now are ten a penny. The one that has us most excited however is the 14 March launch date for the phone. Not long to wait now.

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.