Samsung has introduced a "Martian Pink" version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, although only in Korea for the time being.

It is available now on all three carriers in the country and Pocket-lint has asked Samsung if there are any plans to bring the device to the UK. We'll update when we find out.

The company has been prolific with variant colour schemes for its devices of late, with a Garnet Red version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE model hitting Korea for Valentine's Day and being planned for release in other regions soon. However, "Martian Pink" is not a name bandied around too often.

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It comes from the rare Martian Pink diamond, which was named after a US satellite landed on Mars in 1976. Jeweller Harry Winston was so inspired that he found a way to cut a rough diamond so that its pink colour was intensified. The diamond itself was sold in auction last May for £11.1 million.

Of course, we all know Martians aren't pink. They're green. Common knowledge, innit?

UPDATE Samsung has confirmed to Pocket-lint that unfortunately it doesn't have any plans to bring the handset to the UK.