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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung displayed a roadmap at CES 2013 suggesting a Full HD 1080p, 4.99-inch smartphone is set to launch sometime in Q1 2013.

The display at Samsung's CES demo room highlighted the display and its 440PPI powers, according to AnandTech. As the smartphone battle heats up into 2013, this would make Samsung's latest handset's screen up to par with the stunning Droid DNA offered on the US market.

All signs point to the display to be a part of Samsung's next Galaxy flagship, the Galaxy S4. 

There have been several leaks claiming to be of the Galaxy S4, though none of them actually looks to be the real deal and don't give us a clear idea of what the handset may offer. 

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is believed to be launching around or during Mobile World Congress in February, and Samsung's leak at CES definitely puts more weight behind the rumour. 

Furthermore at CES, Samsung showed off two smartphone concepts that have curved displays at the right side and bottom. The curved portion of the screen offers quick information and notifications, reminding us of the Samsung Continuum from 2010 that featured a 1.8-inch interactive AMOLED display. It's definitely an interesting concept, but don't expect it to come to market any time soon.

samsung roadmap hints at 1080p 4 99 inch galaxy s4 in q1 of 2013 image 2

In other Galaxy news, Samsung gave us a few quick numbers to kick-off 2013 for the Galaxy line. The South Korean-based company says total sales for the Galaxy S series have passed 100 million units, with the Galaxy S II and III accounting for 40 million each.

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As we continue into the spring, expect plenty more Galaxy S4 leaks. 

Is this 440PPI display for the Galaxy S4, or something else entirely? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Writing by Jake Smith.