Some people have a lot more spare time than us. Perhaps they don't have jobs, children, partners and DIY to do or require any sleep. We say this because, collectively, they seem to be filling up YouTube with fake videos. If it's not eagles grabbing babies, it's faked hands-on videos with the next Galaxy S phone. 

That's right, a phone that hasn't been announced yet has appeared in video. In the video, the imaginary device is shown in a variety of scenarios, including with the obligatory laser keyboard, that the unwashed masses seem to think is the be-all and end-all of human technological achievement, despite their being (a) available for ages now (b) utterly awful to use.

The imaginary specs are said to include a 13-megapixel camera, and a 1080p Grand AMOLED screen. There's also a 2.0GHz 4 quad-core processor, which could mean there are four quad-core processors in the new Samsung Galaxy S IV. It also runs Key Lime Pie, which is a reasonable guess.

The video also describes it as "the most thinnest one", thinner than both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, both of which are actual, real phones, so a future phone is both thinner, and lighter than real devices. Which is easy to do, when you don't have to actually follow the laws of physics.

The model number is shown as GT-I9500, which doesn't really make a huge amount of sense, given the original Galaxy S was GT-I9000, the SII was the GT-I9100 and the SIII is the GT-I9300. But, if you're going to make something up, why not let your imagination run free with the model number too?

As cross as we are about this sort of thing - blame it on a post-Christmas rage - we must admit that logic, and the specs that are floating around match. We wouldn't be surprised if the finished phone does end up looking a bit like this, and the specs are probably not far off the mark - with a single quad-core processor though, rather than four of them. Still, that laser keyboard thing is still rubbish, and you'll never convince us otherwise.