Samsung has confirmed that it plans to merge its own Bada mobile operating system with the HTML5-based Tizen OS, suggesting future Samsung Wave handsets are in the pipeline. 

A merging between the two operating systems was mooted at the start of the year, but as Android (and to a certain, extent Windows Phone) became the darling of Samsung phones, nothing materialised.

However, Samsung chief JK Shin has confirmed that the partnership will happen, meaning Samsung will have a third operating system at its disposal alongside Android and Windows Phone 8.

While more choice for customers is always welcome, questions remain as to whether a new operating system will be able to compete with the more established Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. 

Negativity aside, the fact that the Bada and Tizen merger should ensure the OS remains open source and HTML5 based, developers should have little trouble in developing plenty of compatible applications. That’s if they deem it worth the fruits of their labour, of course. 

Samsung’s Bada OS has previously been restricted to its Wave handsets, the last of which was the Samsung Wave III, launched in September 2011.