The long-awaited Android 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S III is now hitting devices... in Poland, at least.

Labelled Android 4.1.1, Jelly Bean is now available as a Samsung Kies and over-the-air upgrade in the country, with many believing it to be the start of a rapid wave of availability across the rest of Europe. It adds a raft of new features, including better battery performance.

Pocket-lint knew already that the latest version of Android was coming to the company's flagship device in October, but if the Polish release is anything to go by, we may see it even sooner.

We even got to play with a Samsung Galaxy S III pre-loaded with Jelly Bean at the EE UK 4G launch event, where an LTE version of the smartphone was available for us to fondle and take pictures with.

At present, the Android 4.1 update is not available in the UK. We've frantically been checking both Kies and on our own Samsung Galaxy S III itself, but there's not a sniff. Rest assured, the moment it drops, we'll let you know. It is currently believed that it will appear for the SIM-free models first.