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(Pocket-lint) - There have been camera phones, phone cameras, cameras and simply phones but finally Samsung has come up with one that we’re not quite sure what it is at all. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Camera and find out exactly why you’re going to want one once you’ve finished reading this article.

The Galaxy Camera is a connected camera. There's a 3G and Wi-Fi version as well as a 4G and Wi-Fi version if you're lucky enough to have a supporting network. What all of that means is that you can connect your pictures to the cloud and the cloud to your picture whenever and wherever you like.

samsung galaxy camera set to capture us wherever we are using android to boot image 3

As the name suggests, it runs on the Android OS - Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to be precise. Why that’s useful to you is that you can apply all the favourite capture, post-production and editing applications to your pictures that you normally enjoy on your Android smartphone: so, Instagram, Paper Camera or whatever you like. Beyond that, the connectivity means that you can upload to Facebook or Twitter or use on Skype - or whatever else you like to do - direct from the device too.

All very nice. So, why is this better than a smartphone? Well, you get a reasonable-sized image sensor which offers far better picture quality. It’s a 16-Megapixel 1/2.3” BSI CMOS unit and it’ll capture light focused at it through a 23mm wide angle lens - again, a piece of glass far superior to that of a camera phone. What’s more, that lens will also offer you up to a whopping 21x optical zoom. Yes, optical, not digital.

You can record 1080p movies at 30fps, you can geo-tag with GPS, share and shoot at the same time and apply a host of different in-house filters and effects that Samsung has preoloaded into the Galaxy Camera. Finally, though, and what could really aid your photography, is the biggest screen on any digital camera. It’s a touch-enabled 4.77-inch HD Super Clear LCD screen with a Retina Display-like pixel density of 308ppi. If you’ve not got your shot in focus, you’re going to know about it while you still have a chance to take another.

samsung galaxy camera set to capture us wherever we are using android to boot image 5

So, can you actually make phone calls with the thing? Well, there’s a microphone for Voice Control, there’s a SIM for the connection, any app you need to make it possible from Google Play and we presume a speaker for video playback. So why the hell not?

The Samsung Galaxy Camera. A phonecamera, a cameraphone. We give up.

Writing by Dan Sung.