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(Pocket-lint) - The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, due to be announced at IFA this year, is set to make quite a stir at launch. Halfway between phone and tablet, the Note is like an Android-powered notepad complete with pen.

The original Note boasted a class-leading, dual-core processor and a extremely high-quality Super AMOLED HD display, but that of the Galaxy S III has now surpassed it. Just to confuse matters, Samsung also recently brought us the Note 10.1, a tablet version of the pen and Android system combo. So, the Note 2 can’t be long off and with another Samsung Unpacked event on the horizon - that’s very much what we’re expecting - but what of the device itself? Below is everything you need to know about the new Samsung “phablet”, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and what we think it might look like.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date

Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked event on 29 August at IFA should have a lot more details about the Note 2’s release date. Pocket-lint will naturally be there, updating you with Note 2 news the moment it happens.

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For now all we have is a statement from Samsung: “We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29.” At least we know it is definitely coming.

As for any official release date, it’s rumours for now, we’re afraid. Expect a possible September launch, ahead of Apple’s new iPhone, in a likely attempt to try to steal a bit of the big A’s thunder.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specifications

Here is where things get more interesting. The rumour mill has certainly been a-turning when it comes to Note 2 specs. At the moment, we're looking at a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, although the exact resolution of that display remains to be seen. It will likely be based around the SGS III’s screen, which is 720p and comes with some of the best colour reproduction we have ever seen. It does, however, suffer badly in direct sunlight, so lets hope that is fixed for the bigger Note 2.

And why 5.5-inches - just 0.2-inches bigger than the previous Note? Well, any larger and you basically have a small tablet. All that size should translate to a bigger battery, needed in part to power the larger display and hopefully a more powerful processor - most likely the quad-core Samsung made chip in the Note 10.1. There is also talk of 2GB of RAM

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UPDATE: According to the Chinese blog techorz.com, the new stylus controlled phone will feature a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 1280 x 720 resolution and in a move that is different from the original, feature a 16:9 screen ratio.

Other specs according to the unofficial report include a quad-core 1.4GHzSamsung Exynos 4412 processor, an 8 megapixel camera, and support 3G and 4G LTE networks.

It will of course feature a S-Pen Stylus like the original and be running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean rather than Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 design

There are quite a lot of pictures of the Galaxy Note 2 gradually making their way through the internet. Looking like a gigantic Galaxy S III, which is big enough as it is, the Note 2 appears to be following Samsung’s current design strategy. No surprises there, then. A Samsung teaser trailer says it is “small and light”. Not so sure about the small part to be honest, but light will no doubt be a selling point.

samsung hints at small and light galaxy note 2 in teaser video image 2

A pic on website knowyourmobile shows a white version of the Note 2, which has all the trimmings of Samsung’s current silver wrap approach to design. It also uses the large white home button found on the SGS III and other Galaxy phones, likely meaning it operates Android in a similar way.

As for operating system, we really can’t be sure here until we get more from Samsung. Ice Cream Sandwich is a definite, but it might just be that Jelly Bean makes an appearance, transforming the new Galaxy Note into the flagship Samsung device. That said, right now rumours point to test units being done with Ice Cream Sandwich and an update to Jelly Bean in October. Disappointing if that is the case. 

Where can I get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Bit difficult to answer this one right now given the fact the phone hasn't been released yet. Expect it to turn up in just about every major phone shop and network store there is, as it will no doubt be a flagship device.

As for how much it will cost, expect the same sort of price tag as the Galaxy S III. Not cheap then. 

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.