A video has been unearthed showing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy S III, weeks before its rumoured roll out on 29 August.

The video is in Spanish, but even for non-Spanish-speaking folk, we get to see the new OS in action for the first time on Samsung’s flagship handset.

Despite the Android update, Samsung remains true to its TouchWiz UI, that user interface remaining prominent with only a few glimpses of Jelly Bean shining through. 

However, Samsung Galaxy S III users will be able to play with Jelly Bean’s new notification system that provides more interactive options, connecting to the likes of Google Now. The video also demos Jelly Bean’s Project Butter, which eliminates lag and makes the touchscreen experience more fluid. 

Brightness levels will also be adjustable by simply toggling the brightness dial that sits in the pull down bar.

Though there’s been no official word from Samsung on a Jelly Bean roll-out date for its Samsung Galaxy S III phone, the rumour mill is gathering pace with 29 August being the day most bandied about. 

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