A mobile phone that gives off perfume-scented vapours? As far as features go it’s not on the top of our wish list. However, this hasn’t stopped Samsung applying for a patent for a phone that does just this.

The patent, along with conceptual image, show that Samsung engineers have at least discussed the possibility of creating a chamber within a mobile phone that contains some kind of perfume sponge. This smelly outlet would then receive its own charge each time the phone was plugged into an electricity source, helping to maintain its aromatic freshness.

No word on how the scent would be given off. Perhaps through the earpiece? Or maybe you could dab some on to your neck by pressing the volume keys? 

While it’s intriguing to get a look at behind-the-scenes Samsung, a perfume-emitting mobile phone, for us at least, is up there with Alan Partridge’s idea of Monkey Tennis. Actually it’s not as good.

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