If you’re one of the Vodafone customers who pre-ordered a 32GB pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III, the wait is over. The operator has received shipment and is delivering devices now.

It means all variants of the Samsung Galaxy S III, both in terms of colour and memory storage, are now available after the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone experienced delays in the UK.

The Samsung Galaxy S III was initially set to arrive in the UK on 30 May, but customers who ordered both the 16GB and 32GB pebble blue versions were told they would not be getting them until much later.

Samsung has since revealed that the reason behind the delay to the pebble blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S III was down to an issue with the casing

However, with Vodafone finally getting hold of the 32GB pebble blue handsets, all pre-orders can now be fulfilled.

Have you received your Samsung Galaxy S III pebble blue 32GB handset? Was it worth the wait? Tell us in the comments below.