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(Pocket-lint) - Wireless audio docks are not something we’d usually associate with Samsung, but then there’s nothing usual about the DA-E750.

For starters, Samsung has kitted it out with a dual-docking system that supports both handsets with a micro USB such as the manufacturer's own Galaxy range, but also Apple iOS devices.

That said, you don’t have to dock either device. The Samsung DA-E750 can be paired to any Galaxy device via AllShare, or Apple device with AirPlay and you’ll be able to play any music you have loaded on your device remotely, through the speaker system.

samsung turns to vacuum technology for da e750 wireless audio dock image 2

It can also be paired to any Bluetooth device that supports 3.0 or above, while there is an analog or USB port should you wish to remain old school and hook up a MP3 player for example.

The stereos sound is created by a vacuum tube amplifier technology as opposed to the usual transistor system. The speakers themselves are glass fibre and together with the built-in subwoofer can produce sound levels of up to 100 watts.

We also like the varnished-wood finish Samsung has given the DA-E750, with both a mahogany and piano black version available. 

The Samsung DA-E750 will begin selling in the UK and Korea from 18 June, though there’s currently no word on pricing.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.