Reports suggest more than 9 million customers have already pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S III before its official arrival on 30 May. 

The Samsung Galaxy S III, which was unveiled at a glitzy soiree in London, has already received rave reviews from the tech industry and, if the reports are to be believed, it’s hit the right note with consumers too. 

The Korea Economic Daily newspaper which published the figures has also been told by an unidentified Samsung official that the manufacturer’s smartphone factory in South Korea is producing units at a rate of 5 million a month. 

Samsung propaganda? Maybe, but there’s no denying the Korean outfit is enjoying a boom period of late, having overtaken Nokia as the world’s largest mobile manufacturer and published impressive financial figures in April.

The Samsung Galaxy S III officially arrives in the UK on 30 May, though some retailers will have the phone available a day early to customers who pre-order the device.

That should help Samsung hit the 10 million mark.

Have you pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S III? Are you one of the 9 million?