Samsung’s official Galaxy S III advert has been unveiled, as the mobile world prepares for the phone’s arrival on 30 May.

The 60-second commercial - which is sure to appear on every advert break for the foreseeable future -concentrates more on what kind of person will use the phone, rather than the specs themselves.

Indeed, there’s no mention of the phone running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, of it’s 8-megapixel camera or even its powerful 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad processor.

Nope, instead we get two star-crossed lovers separated by a pane of glass, a wedding shot and a string quartet before finishing with the slightly sinister text “waits till you’re asleep” .

While we’re not the biggest fans of the advert (can you tell?) there have been enough column inches donated to the handset to ensure there’s a big enough buzz surrounding its arrival and once people get the simply stunning device in their hands it’s sure to take off. 

You can read about just how great we think the phone is by clicking on our hands-on here. Or check out the advert for yourselves below.

What do you think to the Samsung Galaxy S III advert? Let us know your thoughts.