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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung today announced a line-up of accessories for its new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.

To support the features of the new smartphone, there will be a range of media accessories, as well as more conventional docks and covers.

We're sure you're not too excited about the Flip Cover, but you might be more interested in the battery charging dock, as the Samsung Galaxy S III will let you change the battery, so you can always have a spare. There is also a Wireless Charging Kit. 

To support the media capabilities of the new device there will be the AllShare Cast Dongle, which will enable you to connect your phone wirelessly to your TV, rather like the HTC Media Link HD we’ve just reviewed.

This also supports mirroring, like the HTC device, so does more than just lets you watch videos.

There is also an HDMI Adapter to take advantage of the MHL capabilities, so you can connect directly to your TV via cable.

Finally, Samsung announced a device called the S Pebble. This was introduced as the perfect music companion, an MP3 player. We're not sure exactly how S Pebble fits with the rest of the device, but we'll find out for you.

At the moment we don't have pricing or availability for any of the accessories, but we're going to hunt them down and will bring you updated pictures, prices and all the details as we discover them.

UPDATE: We've spent a little more time playing with the AllShare Cast Dongle and grabbed a few shots of this little box of tricks. It offers you Wi-Fi b/g/n connectivity and supports 1080p output. The quality looked really good coming out of the Samsung Galaxy S III, whether it was from the live camera or playing back a movie. Still no prices, however. 

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.