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(Pocket-lint) - Do you like blue? Or white? Good, because those are the supposed colours the new Samsung Galaxy S III will come in when the phone launches at the Samsung Unpacked Event on Thursday.

That's according to a leaked photo of a Carphone Warehouse internal ordering system that shows the Samsung Galaxy S IIII  as available in blue and white.

That titbit of information just hours before the launch ties in nicely with the event invite that shows two pebble-like shapes in both blue and white.

As GSMArena, which was sent the spy shot, points out that the Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T is already available in Carbon Blue and Ceramic White, suggesting that this rumour is more than likely legit if Samsung is to follow previous ranges.  

samsung galaxy s iii available in blue or white leaks in carphone warehouse internal systems image 2

In related news, Chinese site unwire.hk has uncovered a screen protector purporting to be for the SGSIII.

All packed up and ready to be sold, the Ultimate Screen Guard has been designed for a mighty big phone. If the screen protector is real, the Samsung Galaxy S III will pack a 4.8-inch screen and be bigger than the newly released HTC One X.

With only hours before the launch of what is expected to be the new Samsung Galaxy S III, we shouldn't have long to wait.

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Pocket-lint will be covering the event live so tune back in to see what we have to say on what is likely to be the biggest and best selling phone of the year.

If true which colour will you go for?

Writing by Stuart Miles.