The Samsung Galaxy S III is set to be unveiled in what is now more a matter of hours than days. As ever, it's been one hell of a run in the build up, with rumours specs and supposed details flying around on an almost daily basis.

One of our favourite pastimes as the action and the gossip hots up is taking a look at all the professed leaked shots, concepts and other images of what the next superphone is set to look like. Indeed, it's often the pictures that tell a thousand words with the mistakes of the pretenders revealing themselves and the hopes and dreams of thousands of fanboys in the oohs and ahhs of the vector-drawn, dream mock-ups.

Here, for your pleasure, we've collected them all. So take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S III in pictures, see if you can spot the patterns and let us know which one you would most like it to be.

Samsung Galaxy S III: Review of rumours, features, pictures and specs

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