Samsung set the cat among the pigeons on Sunday afternoon with a crypic tweet: "Destination: tgeltaayehxnx", bringing Samsung Galaxy S III speculators into a ferver about the announcement of the next Samsung Galaxy device.

Of course, it doesn't take much to figure out that the string of letters is a URL - hence the "destination" - and on arrival you'll be greeted with a countdown clock. The page is titled "A Whole New Universe".

The clock, pictured above, sits on a simple Samsung Mobile page, letting us know that you'll be able to "take the next step" at 12:00 on Monday 23 April 2012 (BST), which is the time the clock is ticking down to.

Of course, that jumble of letters is also an anagram; tgeltaayehxnx is quickly rearranged to read "the next Galaxy".

Samsung has already invited to an event on 3 May 2012, which uses similar language: "Come and meet the next galaxy". Samsung is unlikely to scupper its own event and the invitation is to "take the next step", so we think this will be a teaser campaign running up to the launch, rather than an early unveil.

Digging further, the domain is registered to a marketing company called The Upper Storey, based out of Singapore. Looking at its roster of clients - it includes companies like Dell, Toshiba, Microsoft, Intel - the agency is no stranger to tech campaigns, perhaps bringing some legitimacy to the trail.

Taking things further, The Upper Storey also owns the domain, which is currently password protected, but likely to be the site once the Samsung Galaxy S III (or whatever it's called) finally launches.

As always, stay tuned and we'll bring you all the details as the mystery unfolds.

UPDATE: Okay, the time has reached zero to reveal a teaser video. You can read all the details here.

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