A Samsung Windows Phone 8 Apollo handset could be with us before the end of the year.

In a move that suggests Samsung isn’t throwing all its eggs into the Android basket, Taiwan Samsung confirmed the news.

As Windows Phone 8 Apollo won’t actually be rolled out until October of this year, the earliest feasibly that Samsung will be able to unveil the device.

Though Samsung has produced Windows Phones in the past, the Samsung Omnia 7 for example, the manufacturer has concentrated on the Android operating system of late, enjoying huge success with the likes of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note.

Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer to have had its head turned by Microsoft’s latest mobile platform.

HTC has also confirmed that it will be unveiling a Windows Phone Apollo handset this year.

Nokia, too, has shown it’s backing Windows Phone, using the OS in its Lumia range, including the recently unveiled Nokia Lumia 900.

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