Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S III rumour and this time there’s even an image. Now for the caveat. We don’t buy it. 

Despite the protests of the offending site claiming that this latest leak is the real deal, to our naked eye even the screen looks as though it’s been photoshopped on to the phone. 

Talking of which, is it just us or does the body look remarkably like a Samsung Galaxy Note?

This latest photo can be added to a long line of Samsung Galaxy S III rumours.

We had the image that appeared in a leaked “invite”.

Then there was the Twitter conversation that claimed over 10 million Galaxy S IIIs had already been pre-ordered by various channel partners.

With so much hearsay, by the time the Samsung Galaxy S III does finally arrive, we’re probably be so bored we won’t even bother reporting it.

Not really folks, we can’t wait!

Do you think this is the real Samsung Galaxy S III? Let us know what you think.