Samsung seems a step closer to unveiling its flexible AMOLED display after officially naming it.

Samsung has already applied to copyright the name “Youm”, complete with logo, withthe US Patent and Trademark Office.

It’s even got its own page on Samsung’s website, where it teases us with the words, thinner, lighter and unbreakable. 

Comparing its new bendable AMOLED technology to traditional LCD and OLED displays, Samsung explains how it uses film instead of glass thus giving it that flexible quality.

Samsung predicted late last year that they would begin shipping smartphones with flexible displays before the end of 2012, with further plans for flexible tablets and other portable devices.

An official name is certainly a step in the right direction.

Of course Samsung is not the only manufacturer working on a flexible display.

LG recently unveiled its own bendable E-Paper Display claiming it would revolutionise the eBook market.

What’s more LG’s EPD could be with us as early as this month.

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