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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has been number crunching of late. Following last week’s claims that it had shipped five million Samsung Galaxy Notes in as many months, a Twitter conversation has claimed that 10 million Galaxy S IIIs have already been pre-ordered by various channel partners.

Twitter hearsay perhaps, though there’s no doubting that the follow-up to the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S II is getting a lot of people excited.

What are perhaps more credible are the claims of world-renowned analyst Strategy Analytics, which says Samsung will have shipped in excess of 40 millions smartphones in Q1 of this year alone.

With the Galaxy Note doing so well, as well as the continued success of the aforementioned Galaxy S II, Samsung is certainly enjoying the good times. However, according to Strategy Analytics, these figures are largely attributed to the unheralded Samsung Galaxy Y - available for a fraction of the price of either the Note or Galaxy S II - which are flying off the shelves around the world.

With such a successful first quarter, coupled with the expected arrival of the Galaxy S III in May, some analysts are predicting Q2 could see Samsung shipping as many as 50 million devices.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.