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(Pocket-lint) - It may be big, so big in fact that even an elephant can use it, but the Samsung Galaxy Note is seemingly doing rather well among us human types too. Since its launch in October, Samsung has shipped more than 5 million units.

With a 5.3-inch display the Samsung Galaxy Note is bigger than your average smartphone, while considerably smaller than the various tablet devices that are available. Yet it’s clearly found a window in the market, though it’s worth noting that the use of the word “shipped” doesn't necessarily equate to numbers sold.

Samsung has also announced that its Galaxy Note will be arriving in Japan in April, which should also help sales figures, especially as the Japanese version will be only the third LTE-compatible smartphone to hit the country.

The handset will be called the Docomo Next Series Galaxy Note SC-05D, and will be available on the NTT Docomo carrier. Still no sign of that Ice Cream Sandwich update though, on either the UK or Japanese versions.

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The Samsung Galaxy II remains the manufacturer’s fastest-selling smartphone and had shipped an impressive 10 million units in its first six months. Still, 5 million in just five months for the Samsung Galaxy Note is not bad for a device that many felt size would be its undoing.

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Samsung Galaxy Note: So big an elephant can use it (video)

Writing by Danny Brogan.