Samsung has been doing some crazy stuff to promote its Samsung Galaxy Note. It had one half of the Farrelly Brothers direct an advert in the US that starred Justin Hawkins from The Darkness, mocking Apple queues in the process. It signed a deal with Brit tailor Spencer Hart to help measure stars for their suits. And it let Pocket-lint review one.

But, perhaps the craziest stunt of all is giving one to an elephant to play with.

Yep, to prove that "bigger is better" Samsung flew to Thailand and handed a Note to Peter the Elephant to see what he could do. Quite a lot, it turned out.

According to the team that filmed the video, many of those that have seen it so far think that it's fake, so they will be posting a second video soon with unedited out-takes and behind the scenes footage that prove its validity.

"This footage is all real," The Viral Factory told Pocket-lint. And, strange as it may seem, we believe it. After all, Thailand has been known to produce a talented pachyderm or two in the past.

What do you think? Is the video real? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...