Another leaked picture of what is purportedly the Samsung Galaxy S III, and it looks much like the one leaked a couple of days ago.

Some have been sceptical of the press document that appeared on social sharing news site Reddit on 19 March, with ourselves wondering why it carried the name "Weber Shandwick" in the bottom right-hand corner, when the PR agency doesn't handle either the US or UK Samsung accounts for mobile. However, the last image seems to corroborate the authenticity of that previous one - they both look very similar indeed.

Of course, this latest pic, provided by a source to GSMHelpdesk in the Netherlands, could also be a mock-up by an over-enthusiastic Photoshop wizard too. Deep down, however, we're starting to like this design, so we hope not.

What is interesting is that it too hints at Tuesday, 22 May as a release date and London for the venue -although it suggests the Unpacked Event will be broadcast live at 7pm, not 6pm as the former picture showed.

The plot thickens. In contrast to the Samsung Galaxy S III's waistline.

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