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(Pocket-lint) - While we all get over the disappointment, and recover from the shock, that there will be no Samsung Galaxy S III unveiled at MWC (it still pains us even to write the extra I) it's understandable that we'd clutch at straws for even a glimmer of new Samsung device news.

But there's no need for us to make a fuss out of nothing, which is what the web seems to be doing after a device labelled "Galaxy S 2+" showed up on the An3DBenchXL's benchmark database boasting a 1.5GHz CPU.

Sure, Samsung may unveil an upgrade for the original Galaxy S II - but haven't we already seen one? Sure we have. In fact, we've seen a couple.

First up was the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE, which Pocket-lint had a play with over in Berlin at IFA back in September - a phone which took the processing power from 1.2GHz on the original to 1.5GHz (and subsequently hit AT&T as the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket). And then there was the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE - a phone that added 720p resolution to the Galaxy gig.

The benchmark results indicate a smartphone with a 800x480 display so it's probably just a version of the S II LTE rather than the HD one. It will be running Android 2.3.4 when it lands.

So while we wouldn't be surprised to see a Samsung Galaxy S II Plus on show in Barcelona, an already existing device with a new name isn't going to help us in our period of S III mourning. Some new Galaxy Tabs might though.....

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.