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(Pocket-lint) - Remember the Samsung Galaxy Ace that launched last year? Remember what "Plus" means in Sammy's elaborate naming conventions? You can see where we're going with this, right?

You got it, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus has been officially announced. If you guessed at an addition of a QWERTY keyboard then you're wrong though - that's "Pro" you fool. No, it's all about the hardware tweaks when it comes to Plus-ing up a device.

In the Ace Plus' case that those tweaks come in the form of a nippier processor - up 200MHz to 1GHz, Gingerbread out of the box and a bigger screen at 3.65 inches. The resolution sticks at 320x480 though, so the ppi count is slightly down from the original's 3.5-inch display.

Apart from that it's pretty much as you were with a 5-megapixel camera, Samsung's Social Hub, Music Hub, ChatON services and TouchWiz thrown over the top. Storage is beefed up to 3GB though.

With the Galaxy Ace Plus getting official and the Samsung 2View DV300F dual screen compact camera also being announced on Monday, it looks as if Samsung may be getting some lower profile kit out of the door prior to CES and prepping itself for some bumper launches come show time. We certainly hope so.

No word on pricing yet but we know the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus will go on sale this month in Russia and then will hit Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and China.

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Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.