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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has announced that it has recently shipped its one millionth Galaxy Note, and that it will be bringing the smartphone/tablet combination device to the US in 2012.

The company claims that sales of the Note have been promising, with a healthy rise in the territories in which it's currently available; Europe and Asia including France, Germany, Hongkong and Taiwan. And this acheivement, says Samsung in a statement, is made more remarkable as it has created a brand new market for "something between smartphone and tablet pc" (conveniently forgetting the Dell Streak).


An official from the company also promises that the Galaxy Note is merely the first step on a roadmap that includes other unique devices: "1 million global shipping of Galaxy Note means it has well positioned itself as a market creator. Samsung will continuously strengthen its leadership in the global smartphone market as well as create new markets with innovative devices."

In Pocket-lint's review of the Samsung Galaxy Note, we said that it "offers undoubted quality throughout, from its dual-core processor to superb display." And added that it is as "useful as a larger device, yet more portable. We can certainly see office workers up and down the country loving a bit of Galaxy Note action. For them, this is a godsend."

It seems that many many of you agree.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.