Got a Samsung Galaxy S? We've got bad news. According to Samsung your phone won't be getting Google's new Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich.

Why? Well according to Samsung the phone just isn't powerful enough to run both Android 4.0 and its own TouchWiz skin together at the same time.

The company announced the bad news on its Samsung Tomorrow website in Korean. Using the help of Google Translate (which is pretty awful it has to be said) Samsung details how the Samsung Galaxy S and the first iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Tab aren't powerful enough to cope with the new Google OS.

"The company's argument is that they lack sufficient RAM and ROM to run the new OS alongside TouchWiz and other 'experience-enhancing' software," reports The Verge, a US gadget site, after being tipped off about the news by one of its readers.

Samsung has confirmed some of the company's smartphones will be getting the upgrade to Android 4.0 in the new year. Those include the Award winning Samsung Galaxy S II launched in February a year after the Samsung Galaxy S.

Thankfully Samsung Galaxy S customers in the UK that signed up for a two year contract at the start of the phones introduction should be ready for an upgrade just before the summer, meaning you won't have long to change to the new OS anyway. 

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