If you are looking to pimp your Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, the official line of accessories is available for pre-order now, but they aren't expected to arrive until January.

Included in the official range from Samsung are a number of docks, including at Desk Stand, which uses the contact points on the side of the handset, as well as an HDMI portrait dock and a rather unusual battery charger and stand - which charges a spare battery, rather than the one in the phone.

There will also be a vehicle dock for all those looking to take advantage of the excellent free navigation that Google Maps Navigation offers you. This dock features a suction mount so you can position the device exactly as you want in your car - as well as charging it too.

The vehicle mount and desk docks will all set you back £49.99 and the battery charger is a more agreeable £14.99.

They have been available for pre-order from the beginning of December from all the usual places, but MobileFun have taken things a step further and made a run of videos demonstrating the new accessories for your view pleasure.

They might not be available in time for Christmas, but we're sure that Galaxy Nexus owners would accept an IOU.

But if you feel like you want a little more from an Android dock, why not check out the Philips Fidelio AS851, a speaker dock specifically for Android phones?