Luxury tailor brand Spencer Hart is to use the Samsung Galaxy Note in its suit fittings for the rich and famous. Offering both bespoke and off-the-peg tailoring in a variety of London locations, including Savile Row and a flagship boutique in Brook Street, it has supplied suits to P Diddy, Ant and Dec, Robbie Williams, Alex Turner and Dermot O'Leary, and will be adopting the 5.3-inch Android device in its "Vault" - a secret measuring and pampering zone for celebrities.

To illustrate how it will be used, Pocket-lint was invited to see the Galaxy Note in action in Brook Street, Mayfair as the tailor's director of retail Joe Woolfe demonstrated the versatility of the device and custom made software with the aid of movie star Rufus Sewell (Dark City, The Holiday, The Legend of Zorro).

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The Note will be used to mark down exact measurements during the fitting process in the bowels of the Brook Street store. Plus, the tailor can mark on a visual representation of the suit or jacket whether there should be any extra details around the cuffs, or other alterations. The end result will be sent immediately to the Savile Row base where the item will be made. As Nick Hart, founder of Spencer Hart told us, "it eliminates any mistakes that could happen previously."

Hart himself also took us on a tour of the Vault, which was previously a bank vault, hence the name; the original lockable steel door even remains. And, while we may never get the chance to savour its actual delights - with Hart saying that it's really a place for people "with more money than God" - just spending ten minutes surrounded by vintage 1940s/50s watches, imagery of the Rat Pack and old school Blue Note jazz symbolism, and Oliver Goldsmith bespoke sunglasses gave us a great, if fleeting, glimpse at what it's like to be an international superstar. Or James Cordon.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is even included amongst the other myriad of ├╝bercool items. And it fits, it must be said.

It is in use now at Spencer Hart's Brook Street store. Fittings are by appointment only.

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