There's just so many aspects of this incredible Samsung Flexible AMOLED display concept that we love.

For starters, how's about the fact that the technology could make screen size irrelevant as the display is seemingly able to unfold to whatever size your smartphone or tablet need desires?

And how cool is the transparent, bendy display and the fact that it is able to create 3D augmented reality, instantly, interacting with the world around it?

And if you think that the technology is light years away - think again. Because don't forget that we've already seen some flexible displays from the Korean company over in Vegas at CES earlier this year and it has promised to unleash some flexible OLED screen phones for 2012.

Added to that the rollable e-ink scroll from ITRI found at the Display Taiwan show in June and Nokia's bendy ambitions for the future too - and we're looking at a tech future dominated by flexible displays.

And, if you're looking for further proof that transparent devices will be a future fixture - take a look at Microsoft's vision of the future.

Very cool stuff indeed.