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(Pocket-lint) - We recently told you about rumours doing the rounds that Samsung would be unleashing quad-core tablets and phones rocking the Exynos 4412 chip.

But whilst the 4412 is still to receive officialdom, the Korean giant has come clean with details of its latest System-on-Chip (SoC) - the Exynos 5250 - a dual core 2GHz monster that will begin shipping next year.

What does this mean for the end-user exactly? Well, hows about a 3D Samsung Galaxy Tab with a whopping WQXGA (2560 x 1600) resolution?

That's definitely on the cards as the ARM Cortex-A15 core-based system is capable of that incredible pixel resolution (which is double what the top Android tabs are currently offering) and has four times the 3D processing power of its predecessor - the Exynos 4210 - the chip that is packed into the Samsung Galaxy S II, as well as native support for stereoscopic 3D.

Compared to the Cortex-A9 Exynos 4210, the 5250 is said to be twice as fast. And anyone that's used an S II will know that is pretty darn speedy.

With the chip set to roll out in Q2 2012, we can expect to see some monster handsets and tablets hitting the shops in the second half of the year. IFA 2012 could throw up some very tasty Samsung devices indeed - we can't wait.

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Writing by Paul Lamkin.