A long time ago in a Galaxy far away there was a phone that was all set to be the third Google branded Nexus instalment. That phone, you may recall, leaked several times under the guise of the Google Nexus Prime.

Alas, the Nexus Prime wasn't to be though, as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus came forth and stole official Google status when it was announced back in October.

But now, a Best Buy advert has created a new hope for fandroids everywhere - that the Nexus Prime lives on and is ready to strike back.

Okay, enough with the unnecessary Star Wars references - all we're trying to say is that the Nexus Prime looks to be a real device, even if it's just the Galaxy Nexus dressed up in Verizon's clothing.

The Samsung Nexus Prime 4G LTE, to give it its full moniker, has been uncovered as the US network's variation of the latest Google phone and will go on sale in the next few weeks for a price of $299.99 on a 2-year contract.

Score one for the rumour-mill then, it actually threw up an accurate name...sort of.

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