Samsung has just leaked an image of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the phone expected to be getting an announcement at an event in Hong Kong on Wednesday morning, on their US site.

Although the page (found at lists no information, that hasn’t stopped the phone appearing in the company’s search pages:

"Galaxy Nexus. Sign up to get the latest on the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon. Visit the 'Galaxy Nexus' Page" reads the results when you do a search for Galaxy Nexus in the sites search bar.

The search results don’t just give us the name - confirmed as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but also an image front and back.

That image matches previous leaks and clearly shows Ice Cream Sandwich running on the device.

The new phone is expected to be launched in the next couple of hours (at time of writing).

UPDATE: has managed to get hold of a blurry video of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus in action. Grab it before it gets pulled.

Thanks Ian