Contrary to reports on other websites, the new date for the Samsung Nexus Prime Unpacked event is not 27 October.

Talking to various trusted sources, that day could see a Samsung press launch in London, but it will not be hosted by Google or likely to involve the new Ice Cream Sandwich-sporting phone.

With multiple devices already announced globally but yet to be unveiled in the UK, there's plenty of other Galaxy products that could be launched on that day. It could be the UK launch party for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Android tablet; or the official UK unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note; or even the Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices, as part of the new Mango roll out from Microsoft -  after all, it's Nokia World at the same time and there will be a lot of Microsoft execs in town.

It is our understanding, therefore, that other sources who heard that Samsung was to have an event on 27 October have put two and two together to come up with five.

The actual date touted for the rejigged launch for the new handset is still yet to be revealed, and numerous calls to Samsung home and abroad have gleaned little.

The company is neither confirming or denying Pocket-lint's discovery. We have spoken to both the UK and US offices and they stand by the original official statement which explains the decision to cancel the 11 October launch event.

However, it has been confirmed that a date for the Nexus Prime launch is still to be set: "We have no information on a future date for the event," Kim Titus, Samsung Telecommunications America's director of Public Relations told Pocket-lint.

All will become clear in time, including a rescheduled launch for the Nexus Prime, but it won't be 27 October.