Samsung has teased us with the shot of what we believe is the new Samsung Nexus Prime.

The teaser video, which is to promote the company’s next “unpacked” announcement on the 11 October, starts by saying that “In everyday life, some things just go better together” before detailing how that could be cookies and milk for a better snack, a newspaper and coffee for a better morning, or wine and candles for a better moment.

All that fluff leads Samsung to say that “another perfect combination is just around the corner” before adding “Get ready for it, something big is coming.”

That something big refers to the Nexus Prime packing Google’s latest version of Android; Ice Cream Sandwich.

The teaser video doesn’t say that of course, that would be a pretty rubbish teaser if it just came out with it, but what it does show us is a phone, side profile, sporting a three-pin dock connector, a power button, and a curved design giving it an almost smile like characteristic from that profile.

The video ends with the Google and Samsung logo.

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