Not to be outdone but its Cupertino based rival, Samsung has begun sending out invites for a very special event of its own - one in which it's expected the Samsung created Google Nexus Prime will be officially unveiled - on 11 October.

An invite to the San Diego event even popped into Pocket-lint's inbox overnight, for a the shindig that will kick off at 11.30am, 7.30pm UK time. The event will also be streamed on YouTube.

Seconds out, round one. October looks like being a heavyweight month in terms of big phone releases. In the blue corner is the Nexus Prime and in the red (not literally of course, it's got oodles of cash) is Apple with its much anticipated iPhone 5/4S.

The Nexus Prime rumours have been doing the rounds for months now and it will be great to finally get some official info on what's expected to be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device.

The event is titled "Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 - Google Episode" and we're told to expect "a look at what's new from Android".

The rumour mill suggests a 720p display rocking device with a dual-core 1.5GHz chip inside. This was thought to be a TI ARM Cortex-A9 OMAP one, but Sammy has just come clean with the official details about its dual-core 1.5 GHz Exynos 4212 processor - so maybe that will be the one onboard instead.

All eyes on California for October then where a tasty iOS v Android battle is shaping up.