Apple has regained the right to crown its iPhone 4 the "worlds thinnest smartphone" after the Advertising Standards Authority ruled its thickest point was thinner than that of the Galaxy S II's thickest. 

The iPhone 4 measures 9.3mm thick, whilst Samsung's flagship handset is 8.71mm at its thinnest point. The problem is that the Galaxy S II has "prominent bulges at the top of the device". This, according to a report from the Guardian, was enough for Apple to remove the title from the Samsung phone. 

The ASA explained that "Apple said consumers would not be interested in the thinnest part of the device, but in its overall measurements, as these would, for example, affect whether the device could fit into a pocket or purse".

No, we aren't exactly sure what pockets or purses Apple is talking about here, but we presume they are considering the thinnest of the thin. We don't know many people who would struggle to fit either Apple's or Samsung's handsets into their pockets or purses. 

On top of that, Apple has now filed an alleged counter-suit against Samsung in the UK involving patent claims filed in June by the Korean manufacturer. Not good, considering the number of patent wars already currently going on between the two electronics producers - no less than 8 countries are home to active cases. Not least, forgetting the recent Galaxy Tab banning from IFA

Why not just shake hands and be friends? Ultimately, its either Android or iOS consumers are making the decision over, not who has a smartphone thin enough to fit into the pockets of a catwalk model.

Which do you prefer Samsung or Apple?