Samsung has announced that it is tweaking the names of its Samsung Galaxy smartphone line-up. It is creating a new naming structure so that people can understand the phone they are buying from the letter in the name.

The new naming structure, says Samsung, will organise and group all devices into five classes, identified by a single alphabetical letter. Which all sounds simple enough until you start to realise why Samsung has called them what they are...

“M”, for example, stands for “Magical”, “W” is for “Wonder”, while “R” is for “Royal / Refined”. Yep, you read that right. 

Here’s the full list straight from the horse’s mouth:

- "S" (Super Smart): Devices at the very pinnacle of Samsung's mobile portfolio. This class will only be used on flagship devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S, the award-winning smartphone that has already sold 10 million units throughout the world.

- "R" (Royal / Refined): Premium category models, a combination of power, performance and productivity for the individual who wants to be defined by the technology they carry.

- "W" (Wonder): High quality, strategic models, perfect for those seeking a balance between style and performance.

- "M" (Magical): High-performance models at an economic price-point.

- "Y" (Young): These are entry models or strategic models for emerging markets or a younger audience more sensitive to price.

In addition to the new names Samsung has said that they will be also using the Pro, Plus and LTE monikers to further define what’s what:

- "Pro": This indicates that the device includes a QWERTY keyboard for speedier email typing and increased productivity for professionals.

- "Plus": This indicates that the device is an upgrade from an existing model.

- "LTE": This indicates that the device is designed to utilize LTE (Long-Term Evolution) connectivity standards, a 4G standard to provide increased mobile network capacity and speed.

We reckon that Samsung has missed one out:

- "AA" (Apple Antagoniser): This indicates a phone or tablet device that looks so much like an iPhone or iPad that it's due for a visit to a German court.

What do you think of the new names - Super Smart or just Super Shite? Let us know in the comments below...