The US launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II is a peculiar beast. We know that the handset, which has been out around the world for a few months now, is due for an American landing soon but there seems to be more twist and turns than an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

First up was the news that AT&T had added a physical QWERTY to the Samsung Galaxy S II equation, then there was the Herculean news of T-Mobile's S II effort.

And, recent images of the supposed Samsung Hercules look like setting the trend for the US S II launch, with Samsung's promo vid picturing a device with four physical buttons, not the one button job that we've seen launched here in Europe and in Asia - even though the video celebrates the phone's success with imagery of the original design.

It's expected that Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S II on 29 August in New York. Could the central iPhone-like button be missing due to the ongoing legal wrangles? We'll probably never know.